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Rapid Development Of Slag Ball Technology

Aug. 27, 2018

In the BOF steelmaking process, the purity of the converter steel has become a major factor restricting the development of high-grade steel. The continuous development and progress of the slag blocking technology of the tapping of the converter provides an important basis and a strong guarantee for the optimization of steel grades in the future. Reducing the amount of slag in the process of converter tapping is an important part of improving the quality of molten steel. Effective slag blocking operation during tapping of the converter not only improves the quality of molten steel, reduces the return of phosphorus to the molten steel, returns sulfur, reduces inclusions in the steel, increases the yield of the alloy, but also reduces the slag of the ladle and prolongs the service life of the ladle. It is also an important process technology to reduce the cost of steelmaking. To this end, all steel mills at home and abroad have attached great importance to the research and development and application of converter slag slag process technology, and various converter slag slag process technologies have emerged.

In the past, the method of using steel slag blocking slag at home and abroad is to use iron slag slag cap, soft slag plug, skateboard slag blocking pre-slag, slag ball, slag dart, pneumatic slag and skateboard slag blocking Late slag. Compared with the skateboard slag blocking method, other slag blocking techniques used in the past have certain technical defects. For example, the iron slag blocking cap has a certain slag blocking effect on the pre-slag, and is ineffective for the middle and late slag control; the soft slag plug It can effectively prevent the slag in the early stage of tapping, and it is ineffective in controlling the slag in the middle and late stages; the slag ball is ineffective in controlling the slag in the middle and middle stages. In the later slag slag blocking process, the Slag Ball is in the converter in the way of drifting. Movement to the tapping port, the technology is simple to operate, low in cost, and high in slag hit rate; the slag dart is ineffective in controlling the previous slag, and can flexibly adjust the specific gravity compared with the slag ball, and can automatically and accurately reach the scheduled The position has a certain effect of suppressing the slag slag slag, and the slag success rate of the later slag can reach more than 90%; the pneumatic slag method has obvious advantages in terms of speed and reliability, but is easy to inhale when tapping. The eddy current causes the steel slag to be mixed out, the timing of the slag blocking is not well mastered, and there are disadvantages such as poor working conditions and frequent parts replacement.

In recent years, major changes have taken place in the business situation of domestic and foreign steel companies. China's steel industry is facing severe challenges. The main problems are: overcapacity, relatively single product varieties, low added value of products, and poor comprehensive competitiveness of products. How to effectively improve this situation, the production of high-quality, high-tech, high value-added quality products has become the trend of the times, which puts higher requirements on the technological innovation and steel type optimization of China's steel enterprises steelmaking process.

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