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Use And Description Of Slag Dart Machine

Sep. 14, 2018

The core part of the Automatic Slag Dart Machine is an arm-like robot. The manipulator can hold a weight of about 30~45kg slag plug in the 1600°C ambient radiation when the elongation exceeds 6m. When the angle is near, the position of the taphole of the converter is tracked, the slag plug guide rod portion is inserted into the taphole at the appropriate tapping time. Then, the robot holding the slag plug is released, and the slag plug is fixed at the taphole. It floats on the interface between molten steel and steel slag to complete the specified process.

Automatic Slag Dart Machine is a mechatronic device. A number of advanced technologies have been integrated on the slag stopper delivery vehicle, using advanced control ideas, using effective equipment protection means, and having a high technical content.

Automatic Slag Dart Machine is arranged on the operating platform of the converter furnace. Considering the small size of the existing converter furnace in China and the adaptability of different capacity converters, our company has made careful research on the specifications of the equipment. consider. A small amount of variation on the prototype can be applied to converters from 30T to 300T.

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Automatic Slag Dart Machine

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