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What is the Basis for Choosing a Converter Type?

Jun. 29, 2019

The converter-type refers to the geometry of the inner shape of the converter after bricklaying. As a Slide Gate System Manufacturer, we believe that the following factors should be considered when choosing a converter furnace:

(1) It is beneficial to the physical and chemical reaction of the steelmaking process; it is beneficial to the movement of the furnace liquid and the furnace gas; it is beneficial to the uniform stirring of the molten pool.

(2) Splash should be small and metal consumption should be less.

(3) The furnace shell is easy to be processed and manufactured; the furnace lining brick is easy to be built; the maintenance is convenient, and the furnace lining has a long service life.

(4) It is beneficial to improve working conditions and increase the operating rate of the converter.

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