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BOF Slide Gate Plate Development Of Slag Blocking Technology

Nov. 23, 2018

BOF Slide Gate Plate slag blocking technology is a new technology and new technology developed in recent years. It combines infrared slag detection technology and PLC control technology to realize automatic slag and slag blocking in the tapping process. The slag blocking technology of the converter skateboard is becoming more and more mature with the continuous improvement of the steelmaking process, the slag blocking success rate is high, and the slag blocking effect is excellent, which has been recognized by major domestic steel mills.

BOF Slide Gate Plate slag technology has the advantages: 1 reduce the amount of slag into the ladle of the converter; 2 improve the refining rate of the variety steel, reduce the return of molten steel; 3 increase the yield of the alloy, save the deoxidizer and the top slag The input amount of the granules can save the use of the converter auxiliary materials and save the production cost; 4 reduce the inclusions in the molten steel and improve the purity of the molten steel.

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BOF Slide Gate Plate

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