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What Are The Characteristics Of BOF Slag Stopping Ball?

Aug. 15, 2018

BOF Slag Stopping Ball is a spherical structure with grooves, which can effectively reduce the amount of slag in the ladle, and the metal yield is obviously improved. And the investment rate is significantly higher than the same type of products. The slag plug is a grooved conical plug made of mechanical equipment for slag blocking, which can strictly control the amount of slag in the tapping process of the converter. This series of products has the characteristics of high refractoriness, high strength and good thermal shock resistance.

1. Slag stopping ball is homogeneous inside and outside, with uniform bulk density and accurate positioning in molten steel.

2. Slag stopping ball has a reasonable shape design, which is conducive to the flow of molten steel and increase the yield of molten steel.

3. Slag stopping ball is not easy to be aggravated, with high strength and long working life.

4. Slag stopping ball is formed once and has stable quality. Compared with cast iron or counterweight slag ball, it has more advantages in performance and price ratio, which is beneficial to steel mills to further optimize production and improve comprehensive benefits.

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BOF Slag Stopping Ball

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