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Classification Of Refractory Materials

Apr. 26, 2019

As an Alumina Tundish Nozzle Manufacturer, let's talk about the classification of refractory materials.

There are many ways to classify refractory materials:

1. According to chemical composition: refractory materials can be divided into acidic, alkaline and neutral;

2. According to the degree of refractor: can be divided into general refractory materials (1580 ~ 1770 ° C) advanced refractory materials (1770 ~ 2000 ° C) premium refractory materials (above 2000 ° C) and super refractory materials (greater than 3000 ° C) four Large class

3. According to the processing and manufacturing process: it can be divided into fired products, fused cast products, non-burned products; divided according to use: can be divided into blast furnace, open furnace, converter, continuous casting, glass kiln, cement kiln fire Materials, etc.

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