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Converter Skateboard Slag Blocking Technology And Its Development Direction

Mar. 20, 2019

With the rapid development of the country's modern science and technology, users are increasingly demanding the quality of steel. The requirements for the content of harmful elements and inclusions such as P and S in steel are becoming more and more demanding, and the production of high quality, high technology content and high added value is excellent. Steel products have become an inevitable choice for steel companies. For converter steelmaking, in order to produce high value-added steel such as ultra-low carbon steel, pipeline steel and bearing steel, reducing the amount of slag at the time of converter tapping is an effective way to improve the cleanliness of steel and the quality of steel, and it is to reduce Effective measures for the production cost of converter steelmaking. Under this background, more than a dozen converter slag blocking technologies have been developed at home and abroad. The Slide Gate Plate slag blocking technology has the advantages of high slag blocking success rate and good slag blocking effect, and has become the focus of major steel mills.

 The advantages of the Converter Ladle Slide Gate Plate slag technology:

(1) reducing the amount of slag entering the ladle of the converter, and the thickness of the slag layer is about 40 mm on average;

(2) Increasing the refining rate of the variety steel and reducing the return of phosphorus to the molten steel;

(3) Improve the yield of the alloy, save the input of the deoxidizer and the top slag modifier, save the use of the converter auxiliary materials, and save costs;

(4) Reduce inclusions in molten steel and improve the purity of molten steel.

Metallurgy High Aluminum Ladle Slide Gate Plate For Converter Steelmaking

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