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Do You Know Slag Dart?

Jan. 23, 2019

Slag Dart is a metallurgical auxiliary material used in converter steel making slagging. It resembles a gyro, and the center of the gyro has a frustum-shaped refractory product with a smaller diameter guide bar. It consists of a dart head and a dart rod. The length of the dart is 1200mm, the dart head is about 150mm. The dart rod is wrapped by refractory material to reinforce bars, and the dart head is made of refractory material.

1. The application of Furnace Slag Dart

The Slag Limiting Dart is mainly used in converter steelmaking. Converter steelmaking is an oxidation process,the process of steelmaking liquid and slag formation is completed in the oxidation process.When tapping, some high oxidized steel slag enters the steel ladle, which will reduce the grade of steel, pollute the quality of steel water, and increase the cost of smelting.Therefore, in the process of the converter tapping,put on the slag dart in the molten steel, which can effectively reduce molten steel back to phosphorus, improve purity of hot steel and reduce the ladle slag viscosity, prolonging the life of refractory for the steel ladle and converter tapping hole .

2. Advantages of slag dart

High slag blocking success rate and good application effect.

Effectively reduce the amount of slag into the steel ladle.

Increase the outflow speed of molten steel.

3. Application method of Slag Limiting Dart

In the tapping process, when the molten steel into 2/3-3/4, put the slag dart from furnace hole to converter by slag dart car, and put into the upper side of tap hole,by using the density of the slag dart between liquid steel and slag, making the slag dart floating between the steel slag.Due to a strong vortex flow field will be formed during process of steel tapping, the longer dart rod below slag dart will be inserted into the tapping hole, play a role positioning, make slag dart won't translocation, combined with the impacting function of molten steel flow ,making the slag dart stable in the above of tapping hole, when hot steel flow out ,slag dart will closed tapping hole, prevent furnace slag into the steel ladle, and molten steel can net from dart head grooves, and complete the slag operation.

High Temperature Resistant Refractory Slag Limiting Dart for BOF

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