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Five Characteristics Of Slag Dart Machine

Oct. 23, 2018

The Slag Dart Machine is a steelmaking electromechanical equipment used to optimize the production process of converter steelmaking, improve the quality of molten steel and reduce the material consumption of the rear process. The steelmaking process by the slag slag machine can greatly reduce the amount of slag flowing into the ladle during the entire tapping process, so that the quality of the molten steel is significantly improved, the alloy consumption in the latter process is reduced, and the economic benefit is improved.

Control Slag Dart Machine has the following features:

1. High positioning accuracy to ensure the accuracy of delivery.

2, reliable work, to adapt to the extremely harsh working environment of the converter.

3, highly secure, the operating system is separated from the host, safe and easy to operate.

4, advanced technology, mechanical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic integration, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

5, slag slag machine automation degree control, can achieve machine side, fully automatic operation.

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Control Slag Dart Machine

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