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What Are The Measures To Improve The Purity Of Molten Steel?

Jun. 10, 2019

As a Slide Gate System Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for improving the purity of molten steel:

(1) Improve the quality of raw materials and reduce the number of impurities brought in by raw materials;

(2) Strengthen and improve the process operation, improve the component and temperature hit rate, and reduce the number of blows;

(3) Improve the deoxidation alloying system to facilitate the exclusion and uptake of inclusions;

(4) Strengthen the maintenance of the taphole to reduce the oxidation and the amount of slag discharged from the tapping;

(5) Improve the quality of refractory materials and strengthen the mixing of the molten pool;

(6) Sealing and protecting the molten steel during the tapping process and the pouring process to avoid direct contact between the molten steel and the air;

(7) Adopting techniques such as refining outside the furnace to improve the purity of molten steel.

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