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Six Daily Maintenance Methods For Slag Dart Machine

Nov. 13, 2018

Slag Dart Machine daily maintenance is as follows: 1, often replace the slag-removing car reducer oil; 2, the lubrication part of the slag-blocking car should pay attention to the regular addition of lubricating oil; 3, regularly check whether the hydraulic oil of the slag-blocking car is degraded and missing, if it is blocked The slag car hydraulic oil is degraded and lacking, it should be replaced in time to reach the normal position; 4. Check whether the hydraulic cylinder of the slag stop truck has oil leakage and oil leakage. If there is any oil leakage and oil leakage, please replace it in time to make the slag blocking vehicle Can work normally; 5, observe whether the voltage and power of the slag-blocking vehicle are normal; 6. Check the gas path before the work of Slag Dart Machine, and keep the pressure at 04-0.6Mpa/3min.

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