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What Is The Key To The Slag Dart Tapping Process?

Feb. 18, 2019

Metallurgy slag dart machine clamped Slag Dart. In the high temperature radiation environment of 1600 °C in the converter, the slag taper guide rod part was inserted into the tapping port at a long distance and accurately, which is the key to the slag tapping process. The slag cone delivery vehicle is equipped with a different slag cone and a device for throwing a slag ball in the past. It adopts the concept of precise position control. For a 50-ton 300-ton converter, there is only a 90-230mm diameter taphole. When the converter shakes out, the taphole is submerged under the molten steel, accurately aligned, and the slag-cone guide rod can be inserted. In the steel port, the hit rate of the slag cone is ensured to ensure the efficiency of the slag tapping. 

For the position control of Metallurgy Slag Dart Machine, the error control of various actions is extremely strict, and since the slag cone delivery vehicle is directly operated under high temperature conditions and environment, the reliability of the operation of the equipment is extremely severe. It must be considered that it can cope with emergency treatment under various accident situations, and even in the worst case of losing power, it can safely exit the converter by using its own performance. The slag cone delivery vehicle adopts PLC in control and has communication relationship with the converter computer, etc. These all make the slag cone delivery vehicle different from the previous slag refractory material delivery equipment, and have high technical content.

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