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How Does The Converter Work?

Dec. 18, 2018

The Converter is an upright cylindrical smelting furnace that does not require an external heating source and mainly uses liquid pig iron as a raw material for steel making. According to the nature of the furnace lining refractory, it is divided into two types: acid converter and alkaline converter. According to the part of the gas blown into the furnace, it is divided into bottom blowing, top blowing, side blowing and top-bottom composite blowing converter. Bottom blowing, top and bottom composite blowing converter bottom design breathable bricks, when laying, you need to locate the position of the ventilation bricks. The bottom blowing and side blowing blowing furnace bottoms are not designed with ventilated bricks, and the bottom of the furnace is relatively simple.

Yuntian has made major contributions to the Iron And Steel Industry. Proper regulation of sulfur and phosphorus content in the converter steelmaking process produces high-grade molten steel, raising alloy yields while limiting slag byproducts. This highly beneficial procedure can effectively utilize slag for furnace protection and aid in the complete draining of molten steel. Anhui Yuntian Metallurgy is a leading manufacturer of Metallurgy Sliding Gate System, slag dart and its dispatching machines in China.

Metallurgy Sliding Gate System

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