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Method For Judging The Use Effect Of High Quality Slag Ball

Oct. 17, 2018

The effect of the Slag Ball can be evaluated by observing the shape of the molten steel in the steel port. When the slag blocking effect is good, the molten steel of the taphole should flow down in a ring shape. In addition, it can also be judged by the color of the slag. The effect of the groove on the slag ball is that the slag ball facilitates the outflow of molten steel during the slag blocking process. The effect of the Slag Stopping Ball can be assessed by the thickness of the slag layer in the ladle, the energy-saving slag ball, and the alloy yield. The thickness of the slag layer is small, the slag blocking ball, the alloy yield is high, and the slag blocking ball for steel making has good slag blocking effect. If you have any questions, or if you have any needs, you can always call us. We will do our best to help you.

Over the years, high-quality slag ball, many domestic and foreign metallurgical workers research and development to reduce the amount of steel slag into a very low technology, in addition to less slag, no slag smelting process, mainly developed a variety of slag technology and products, Minimize the amount of steel slag brought out by the vortex at the end of the converter tapping. Such as slag ball method, slag blocking method, sliding plate method, pneumatic slag slag method, steam venting eddy current method, steel outlet slag method, tundish method, slag slag method, slag blocking method, Slag cover method, vacuum slag method, siphon tapping method, etc.

Converter slag tapping: effectively prevent molten steel from returning to phosphorus and returning sulfur. Adopting effective slag blocking operation during converter tapping is an important measure to improve the quality of molten steel. It can reduce the return of phosphorus to sulfur and sulfur, improve the yield of alloys, reduce inclusions in molten steel, and improve the cleanliness of molten steel. Subsequent refinement creates conditions. Reduce deoxidizer and alloy consumption. Adopting effective slag blocking operation during tapping of the converter can not only reduce the consumption of deoxidizer and alloy, reduce the slag of the ladle, prolong the service life of the ladle, but also improve the service life of the refractory material in the taphole area of the converter and reduce the steel product. Cost of production.

Slag Stopping Ball

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