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Equipment Performance Of Slag Dart Machine

Feb. 12, 2019

Equipment performance of Slag Dart Machine:

1. The slag blocking device can improve the hit rate of the steel tapping slag.

 2. The design of the slag stop truck is light and convenient, and can meet or adapt to the on-site use of the converter plant.

3. In case of emergency, if the arm cannot be opened from the furnace by electric control, it should be quickly separated by the manual clutch handle, and the slag-blocking vehicle should be manually removed from the furnace mouth.

4, Refractory Slag Dart Machine designed positioning system is dexterous and convenient, to ensure that the converter can be quickly changed when the steel outlet or the taphole is severely deformed, the positioning system is simple and convenient and accurate.

5, the length of the delivery arm is 5.4 meters, divided into two sections, the length of the front section is 2.2 meters, and can be replaced;

6. The slag-blocking vehicle travels on the track, the rail weight is 15kg/m, and the gauge distance should meet the needs of the converter;

7. The lifting range of the loading arm is 0~2.5m, and the horizontal rotation angle is 90o;

8. The delivery arm and the slag stopper can be quickly connected and convenient;

9. The entire slag operation should comply with the various safety systems of the converter, and must ensure its own safe operation.

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Metallurgy Automatic Refractory Slag Dart Dispatching Machine For Steelmaking

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