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What Is The Purpose Of Slag Limiting Dart?

Jan. 03, 2019

In the converter steelmaking production, a large amount of molten steel slag is generated during the smelting in the furnace, and the chemical composition of the steel slag is complicated, especially the sulfur-phosphorus element contained in the steel slag has a great influence on the quality of the steel. After the molten steel is smelted, the amount of steel slag flowing into the package with steel water should be strictly controlled. For this reason, the slag tapping process is usually adopted to prevent the harmful components of sulfur and phosphorus in the steel slag from re-infiltrating into the molten steel in the later process. It is often referred to as “returning phosphorus” in the steelmaking process, which affects the quality of the billet. In order to improve the quality of the product and achieve the production of “clean steel”, the slag tapping process is an important link. At present, all steel mills have strict control of the amount of slag, to the maximum extent to prevent the high oxidative final slag of the converter from flowing into the ladle during the tapping process. The traditional slag-removing process uses Slag Stopping Ball to deliver slag tapping. The slag ball usually arrives at the taphole in a wave-by-flow manner, and often the slag ball cannot reach the tap hole due to the high viscosity of the steel slag, or can not effectively block the tap hole when the molten steel runs out. Slag Limiting Dart is a refractory material similar to a vertebral body with a smaller diameter guide bar. It has three tapping slots to prevent the molten steel from coming out. In the middle and late stage of the converter tapping, the slag cone guide rod part is inserted into the steel outlet in the furnace. When the molten steel runs out, the vertebral body blocks the taphole, thereby preventing the steel slag from flowing into the ladle, and the slag blocking efficiency is up to 98%. Above, much higher than the slag ball. The use of slag cone slag has good effects on stabilizing molten steel composition, reducing the phenomenon of returning phosphorus to molten steel, improving the quality of molten steel, increasing the absorption rate of alloying elements, and reducing the consumption of refractory materials.

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High Temperature Resistant Refractory Slag Limiting Dart for BOF

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