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Four Features Of The Refractory Ladle Slide Gate System

Feb. 23, 2019

The old converter finished the Slide Gate Stopping Slag’s application through tapping modification. Stopping slag with slide gate is successful which can reduce the cost of production. Slag tapping amount can be controlled around 40 mm, which provides requirement for the production of variety of steel.

Features of Refractory Ladle Slide Gate System:

1.Higher than 98% slag stopping rate, effectively reducing the average slag thickness of ladle, slag thickness≤40mm(no synthetic slag).

2. Simple and rational structure, safe and reliable use, simple operation and convenient repair and replacement.

3.Device closing speed≤1 second;

4.The skateboard replace time≤15 mins/time(no inner nozzle brick,No manipulator);

5.The skateboard and outside nozzle average service life ≥12 times(no flow control)

6.Inner nozzle average service life ≥40 times (synchronize  replaced with tapping hole);average service life ≥24 times(replace alone);

Converter Skateboard Blocking Ladle Slide Gate System For Furnace

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