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Four Tips For Routine Maintenance Of The Slide Gate Plate

Dec. 10, 2018

Due to the high temperature working environment of the Slide Gate Plate slag equipment, the temperature gradient is large, and if the maintenance is not in place, the slag blocking system cannot be used normally. As a Slide Gate Plate Supplier, let's talk about the daily maintenance skills of Slide Gate Plate today.

1. High requirements for equipment installation and operation accuracy, and difficulty in replacing the skateboard mechanism. Regularly clean the cold steel and slag, iron oxide scale and other pollutants on the mechanism.

2. In the process of converter tapping, the environment is harsh, dust is too much, and the automatic slag detection signal collection is difficult. The camera cooling, camera lens cleaning and shielding of the communication pipe network should be in place.

3. The rapid opening of the skateboard mechanism has high requirements on the hydraulic system, high temperature in the working environment, high pressure, easy vibration of the pipeline, and easy leakage of oil and gas in the pipeline. It is necessary to strengthen management.

4. The molten steel and slag have strong oxidizing property and have great erosion to refractory materials. The refractory materials must be replaced regularly, and the service life of the upper and lower sliding plates can be up to 12 or more.

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