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What is the Significance of the Decarburization Reaction for the Steelmaking Process?

Aug. 12, 2019

As a Refractory Slide Gate Supplier, let's talk about the importance of decarburization in the steelmaking process.

1. The carbon in the molten iron is oxidized by the decarburization reaction to a level close to or equal to the carbon in the molten steel at the time of tapping.

2. Circulating agitation of the molten pool

3. The CO produced is necessary to remove the gas from the steel.

Outside Nozzles

Outside Nozzles

4. Conducive to the elimination of non-metallic inclusions in the steel.

5. Provide a heat source for the steelmaking reaction.

6. Conducive to the reaction between the slag steel in the blowing process.

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