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The Importance Of Slag Dart Machine

Aug. 23, 2018

In the steelmaking process, a large amount of steel slag will appear. The complex composition of the steel slag will directly affect the quality of the steel. To solve this problem, Slag Dart Machine effectively avoids the phenomenon of steel smelting in the furnace, effectively improves the cleanliness of the molten steel, to meet the production of clean steel.

In the converter steelmaking production, a large amount of molten steel slag is produced, and the slag plug is used to block the slag tapping. The slag blocking efficiency can be increased by more than 96%, and the slag layer is ≤ 40 mm. This new process significantly reduces energy consumption and reduces molten steel. The temperature loss increases the alloy yield and provides a guarantee for clean steel production and increases the safety of steelmaking operations.

The slag blocking device is mainly used to perform and complete the slag plug placement action when the converter is tapping. Thereby improving the slag blocking effect, creating the necessary conditions for the steel enterprises to produce high-quality, high value-added products and improving the market competitiveness, with better economic benefits, and achieved a successful attempt to slag-removing process innovation. After industrial testing, the launching rate of the delivery vehicle reached 100%, and the efficiency of slag blocking was over 96%.

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Slag Dart Dispatching Machine

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