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What Is The Main Role Of Slag Dart?

Aug. 30, 2018

Slag Dart In BOF effectively prevents slag from entering the steel stream. The structure of the slag plug is composed of a plug rod and a plug head, and has the same material as the slag ball, and its density can be the same as or slightly lower than the slag ball. The upper part of the plug rod is used to hold the positioned steel rod, and the lower part is wrapped with refractory material. At the end of the tapping, according to the tapping angle of the converter, the pole is strictly aligned, and the plug rod is inserted into the tapping port by mechanical means. At the end of the tapping, the plug seals the tap. There is a groove on the plug head, and the remaining molten steel in the furnace can flow out through the groove, and the steel slag is blocked in the furnace, which can effectively reduce the slag content of the molten steel in the tapping process and meet the needs of the slag tapping.

Compared with the conventional slag blocking ball, the slag stopper has a guiding rod structure at the same time, so that the guiding rod can be inserted into the steel outlet through the slag stopper delivery vehicle, so that the slag resistant material is accurately fixed. Effective slag blocking provides an effective guarantee for achieving the desired results.

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Slag Dart In BOF

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