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What Role Does The Slag Dart Machine Process Play In Steelmaking?

Mar. 06, 2019

Refractory Slag Dart Machine consists of seven parts: chassis, running mechanism, rotating platform, rotating mechanism, hydraulic lifting system, pneumatic clamping system and delivery arm. The traveling mechanism transmits the motor function to the traveling wheel through the worm wheel deceleration to meet the walking speed of 18 m / s. The rotating mechanism is driven by a motor, and the loading arm can be rotated horizontally by 90°, so that the hydraulic lifting system of the working space before opening can make the loading arm Lifting and falling, the front end height can reach 2.6m when raised, and the clamping mechanism adopts pneumatic method to ensure the slag stopper to clamp and release.

Steelmaking Slag Dart Machine is strictly smelted in molten steel. When tapping, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of steel slag flowing into the package with molten steel. For this reason, the slag tapping process is usually adopted to prevent harmful components of sulfur and phosphorus in the steel slag in the later process. Re-infiltration into molten steel, resulting in the "returning phosphorus" in the steelmaking process, thus affecting the quality of the billet, in order to improve product quality and achieve "clean steel" production, the use of slag tapping process is an important link.

The steelmaking process using the slag-stopping truck can greatly reduce the amount of slag flowing into the ladle during the entire tapping process, so that the quality of the molten steel is significantly improved, the alloy consumption in the latter process is reduced, and the economic benefit is improved.

Metallurgy Automatic Refractory Slag Dart Dispatching Machine For Steelmaking

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