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What is the Process of Slide Gate Plate?

Jun. 20, 2019

The converter adopts a Slide Gate Plate process to replace the original slag plug tapping process. Practice has shown that when the slide gate plate is used to cut the slag, the automatic closing rate of the skateboard is 100%, and the automatic slag detection success rate is over 98%. The converter realized that the slag tapping provides technical guarantee for smelting high-quality steel, and the variety has been expanded.

What is the Process of Slide Gate Plate?

Metallurgy High Aluminum Ladle Slide Gate Plate For Converter Steelmaking

Today, High aluminum Slide Gate Plate Supplier like to share the process of slide gate plate with you together.

The effective slag blocking operation in the tapping of the converter not only improves the quality of the molten steel, reduces the return of phosphorus to the molten steel, returns sulfur, reduces the inclusions in the steel, improves the yield of the alloy, but also creates favorable conditions for continuous casting.

Slide gate plate process:

The slag at the time of tapping of the converter includes three stages: the slag in the early stage, the vortex effect slag in the tapping process, and the later slag. According to the different stages of the tapping process, the process requirements are to avoid the slag in the early stage of tapping, and the slag is fast, reliable and accurate in the later stage of tapping.

Only when the maintenance of the equipment and the shape of the outlet, the optimization of the operating software, and the operational skills meet the requirements, the converter can be used to maximize the effect.

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