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The Principle Of Using Slag Ball

Oct. 25, 2018

The Slag Ball is a kind of sphere that blocks the taphole at the end of tapping to block the flow of slag into the ladle. It was invented by Japan Nippon Steel Corporation in the last century. Its principle is to use slag ball density between steel and slag. Between, at the end of the tapping will block the taphole to block the slag from flowing into the ladle. The slag ball is a spherical body, and the outer side distributes the flow steel groove to reach the taphole with the wave-by-flow method. It has been used by many large steel companies in China, and its slag blocking efficiency is 75%-80%, and its performance is excellent. Slag ball products meet various process needs and play an important role in the quality of molten steel.

Slag ball product features: In order to meet the requirements of smelting customers for slag tapping, our company has developed a slag ball for converters. The product has the advantages of good slag resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance and good stability. It can effectively reduce the slag content of molten steel in the tapping process and meet the needs of slag tapping.

We also have other products for converters, such as: Slag Dart Machine, spray Nozzle, etc. Contact us and you will live more.

Slag Ball

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