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Compared With Slag Ball, The Three Main Features Of Slag Dart

Nov. 27, 2018

Compared to slag ball, Slag Dart has the following main features:

(1) It has a positioning rod to realize positioning and addition, which can improve the success rate of slag blocking;

(2) The cone is grooved so that the molten steel can still flow out after plugging the taphole;

(3) Reduce the amount of slag brought into the ladle by the eddy current.

Slag dart can reduce the consumption of ladle refractory, reduce the return of phosphorus, improve the quality of molten steel, reduce the consumption of iron alloy after furnace, reduce the amount of synthetic slag in the subsequent process, shorten the processing time of the subsequent refining process, and reduce the fire resistance. The consumption of materials provides good conditions for refining of molten steel, so the converter should use slag tapping.

We also have slag removal devices such as Slide Gate Plate and Slag Dart Machine to help you find out more.

Slag Dart

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