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What Are The Characteristics Of Slag Dart?

Oct. 30, 2018

The Slag Dart is characterized in that: the outer part of the annular iron block is wrapped with an outer refractory castable of iron, the outer refractory castable of the iron piece has a substantially inverted cone shape, and the central axis of the annular iron block is inserted with iron The rod, the upper end portion and the lower end portion of the iron rod are protruded from the refractory castable outside the iron block, and the outer surface of the outer refractory castable material of the iron block is provided with at least one longitudinal inwardly recessed tapping water tank. After most of the molten steel is discharged, the utility model is put into the outlet of the steelmaking furnace, and a small amount of molten steel can also flow down the tapping water tank, so that the molten steel is exhausted, the tapping rate is increased, and the slag body is blocked. Inside the exit.

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Slag Dart

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