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World Environment Day, We Are In Action!

Jun. 05, 2019

The United Nations Environment Programme publishes the theme of the World Environment Day of the year at the beginning of each year and publishes an annual report on the state of the environment on the annual World Environment Day.

Alumina Tundish Nozzle Manufacturer

The earth is the common home of humans and other species. However, because humans often adopt bad development methods such as deforestation, exhaustion, and fishing, the speed of species extinction on the earth is greatly accelerated. The trend of biodiversity loss is moving the ecosystem to an irreversible critical point. If the Earth's ecosystem eventually becomes irreversible, the relatively stable environmental conditions on which human civilization depends will no longer exist.

As an Alumina Tundish Nozzle Manufacturer, we have been practicing the environmental philosophy in our production with practical actions. We want to contribute to protecting our global environment.

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